Tuesday, February 02, 2010

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Niaf AL hazazi

My favorite athlete is niaf alhazazi. He is a soccer player, and his job on the team is to scure. First, I like hem because he is avery good athlete. He is yong man. He gut a fimas very fast. He plays for the al-lttihad soccer team. Second Niaf is a great player in the miaddel esat. His faious gools are by using his stroing had. His porcelainlittle is kid and polite. many children want to be like him one day. All the players in the world want to be like him. So he can make the games very excitedy.

how to cook achicken fajita sandwich by mohammed mufti

Today I want to talk abuat how to cook fajita .First , gut a chicken filet and silce the chicken . After that, gut one piece of onion and a piece of green pepper into small pieces. Then , put alittel oil in the frying pan but the onion and green pepper in the frying pan. next, put the chicken pieces with onionand green pepper in the frying pan and mix them to gerther. Finally, put in some BBQ sauce and mix it, you can eat it with rise or you can eat sandwich. Chicken fajita is my favorite meal.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Mohammad jamalhariri my favorite singer is Elissa

first,I like this woman because she very,famous in the middle east,she sings popular song.second she is beautiful woman.She is very tall,but she,not married,and she from Lebanon,and has nice voice.thirdly, she very nice dares and her and face with makeup is very good all the people we love elissa.In conclusion, Elissa has in the middle east she is beautiful, and nice her,face,makeup

Zinadin Zidan by Ismail

My favorite athlete is Zinadin Zidan.First, I like Zinadin Zidan because he has world cup champion, european champion, and serie A champio. Second, Zinadin Zidan he has much skill and invention. he has nice performance. He has could score from anywhere. Third, the culmination of his,France organized public celebration in the streets. Many people chant ''Zidane the President''. In conclusion, from my point view Zinadin Zidan considered one of the greatest players of all time.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Michael Ballack when he flies---------- by Nour

When we are looking at the history of soccer we can not forget some great players who are left a mark in people's memory. One of these great players is Michael Ballack . Do you know Ballack ?!! Sure you know him . He is my favorite player, he is the captain of the German national team. There are many reasons make him the best of player in the world . First, he has a good main to help him to kick ball to the right place and he is maker plays . Second , he can also score goals with his head and feet. Next, he can change place in field very fast and he can also play defender, midfielder and forward at the same time.. Finally, many coach hope that Ballack plays with their teams because he is tactical players. In conclusion, Michael Ballack is one of the best player around the world now and he is my favorite players of all time

Dr.Rabiah by Rehab

My favorite doctor is Dr.Rabiah. First, I like him because he helps the sick people ,he always smiles. Second, he is smart doctor .He can separate conjoined twins successfully. Finally , he loves his job .He one of the most successful doctors in the world. Is my favorite doctor for all these reasons.

Ronaldo by abdulrhman

my favorite athlete is ronaldo.first,he is a professional player and play with Brazil.he was an ameteur when he started playing in 1971.he be come in Brazil.socond,played with Brazil teem in 1971.he played in the world cup tournament.the Brazil teem successful.Third,in the world tournament he had a record 8 gools in the conclusion,,he surorised every one watching the socer game

Mohammed Al-doaia by jumanah

My favorite goalie is Mohammed Al-doaia. First, I like Mohammed because he saves goalies. He is strong and plucky. Second, Mohamedis very tall and smart. He keep many balls out. Third, evry body loves Mohammed. He is very humble and good hearted. In conclusion, I like this man because he is a good goalie.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

LIONEL MESSI by Sergio Ruiz

My favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi, he is from Argentina. Firts, I like Lionel Messi because he is the best soccer player of the world in this moment. Second,Lionel Messi, is a great role model. He can run fast, and has a lot of talent to play soccer. Third, Lionel Messi plays on the best team in de world, Barcelona FC(Football Club). In conclusion, Lionel Messi is one of better soccer players in the history of soccer, by previous things he was named to the best soccer player of the world in 2009 by FIFA(Federation International Football Association). I recommend to you that you visit webside:

mohammed noor by SULAIMAN ALSIYAMI

Mohammed Noor is my favorite soccer player.First, He is a player in the mid field position the soccer teem stodume ,and he is a faster runing and kick a ball perfectly. Second, Mohammed Noor is a great athlete for me and my freind, Most young people in my country want to be like him . Third, he is playing in ethad club, this club concedred as very rich and fumouse club in suadi arabia. In conclusion, he is my favorit soccer player and i want to be like him in the future.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ichiro by Rie Watase

My favorite baseball player is Ichiro. I like Ichiro because he is a very good athlete. First, he runs fast. And he hits the ball well. He has some record. It get 200 hits nine years in a row. Second, he played the final game of WBC 2009. It was great! Japanese people have respect him. Third, he is kind to his team and funs. In conclusion, Ichiro is my favorite athlete.

C. RONALDO _____________ BY ESSA'

My favorite athlete is C. Ronaldo. First, I like C. Ronaldo because he is a very good athlete. He can run, move fast and has very good football skills ,he can dance with ball.Second, C. Ronaldo is a great role model.He is very kind and polite. many children and young people want to be like him. Third, C. Ronaldo is a superstar in Soccer and also on television he Participated in the advertising and promotions. For example , he participated in the Declaration of telecommunications company in saudia arabia. In conclusion, he is my best player in the world.
By Essa.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Sports Player by Rayan Maimani
Yasser Al Qhtany
He is my favorite player in Saudi Arabia. First, he has nice movement because he is very fast. Sacond, he plays forward because he has strong feet. Third, he is the best player in Saudi Arabia because he has more goals. In conclusion, I like this player.